Master and PHD

1 The study of fossils and plants Alaustrakuda minute deposits upper Cretaceous rocks (Alsnumana) Valley of income in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt ماجستير Ibrahim Mohamed Eid
2 ماجستير Sayyid AbdelAzim AbdulRahman
3 ماجستير Khaled Mohammed Said Ibrahim
4 ماجستير Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad
5 ماجستير Shehta Abovendod Mohammed Hassan Eweda
6 ماجستير AbdulAziz Fawzy Mahmoud Shenawy
7 Magnetic studies at Tel Basta archaeological area - Zagazig ماجستير Abeer Abd El Rehim El Kenawy Abd El Razik
8 M.Sc. in Geology (Hydrogeology and petroleum) ماجستير ImadEddin Issa Hassan
9 Sdmnologih and geochemistry of sandstones Alnuelh north eastern desert on the Red Sea coast of Egypt ماجستير Fekry Mohamed Abualnin Ismail
10 ماجستير Hesham Mohamed Mohamed El Alfy Awad
11 ماجستير Mohamed El Sayed Mahmoud Tawfiq
12 ماجستير Abdul Wahab Mohammed Atwa
13 Alkhozao assess the situation compositional specifications wa formed freely to manifest oil field north of the Western Sahara - Egypt ماجستير Muhammad Nabih AbdelHady Alsayed
14 Bioatratjraveh studies of rocks Alcinany Paljlalh North Egypt ماجستير Mustafa Ibrahim Ahmed Atta
15 Algiomfalloger interpretation of the provinces and synthetic elements on the Sinai Peninsula using Landsat images E ماجستير Ahmed Sobhy Abdelaziz Ali Hegazy
16 ماجستير Ahmed Abdelrahman Mohamed Hasn
17 ماجستير Ashraf Elsayed Ahmed Ghoneimy
18 Petrology and Jiokmaaiah some communities gabbro - Aldjurajt - tonalite - Jeranodjurajt in Umm Al Rayyan Winding Alijh and southern Eastern Desert ماجستير Ashraf Fawzy Abdelsalam
19 ماجستير Aman Abdelhakim
20 ماجستير Badr Mohammed Ahmed Mabrouk
21 ماجستير Hamdy Elsayed Noor Ahmed
22 Giotabaqah study of the Cretaceous rocks of the Gulf of Suez area in Egypt دكتوراه Ibrahim Mohamed Eid
23 Geology and Kidd Valley area - Southeast Sinai Egypt دكتوراه Ahmed Sobhy Abdelaziz Ali Hegazy
24 Study of fossils and fine stratified Cretaceous rocks Paljlalh North Gulf of Suez, Egypt دكتوراه Mustafa Ibrahim Ahmed Atta
25 ماجستير Samah Mohammed Dirdeiry Mohammadein

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