Master and PHD

1 The study of fossils and plants Alaustrakuda minute deposits upper Cretaceous rocks (Alsnumana) Valley of income in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt ماجستير Ibrahim Mohamed Eid
2 Morfalloger studies to plant beans fungus infected Fayyozaram ماجستير Hanan Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah
3 ماجستير Soliman Syed Ahmed Ibrahim
4 ماجستير Samah Mohammed Dirdeiry Mohammadein
5 Studies on the blood-forming system in some vertebrate animals to the effect of the radiation response ماجستير Samir AbdelAzeem Zaki Nasr Nassar
6 Studies on parasitic worms in some fish from the eastern province ماجستير Samir Abdullah Taha
7 ماجستير Samir Mohammed Amer Ibrahim Dawood
8 Studies on some natural complexes peroxide ماجستير Soha Fahim Mohamed elsayed
9 ماجستير Sayyid AbdelAzim AbdulRahman
10 ماجستير Khaled Ibrahim Yusuf his Banoura
11 ماجستير Khaled Ahmed AbdelFattah
12 ماجستير Khaled Lotfy Mohamed Azab
13 ماجستير Khaled Mohammed Said Ibrahim
14 ماجستير Khalid Mahmoud Hashim Bassiouni
15 ماجستير Khaled Mansour Mohammed Gindy
16 Spectral studies of pigments which have solubility in water ماجستير Khalil Ali Khalil Mahmud
17 ماجستير Rania Salah AbdulHameed
18 ماجستير Rania Mohamed Ahmed Aly
19 ماجستير Rehab Ahmed Shafiq Bendary
20 ماجستير Rasha AbdelWahab Atwa
21 ماجستير Rasha Mohamed AbuBakr AbedRabbo
22 ماجستير Roshdy Mohamed Farouk AbdulHameed
23 ماجستير Reda Ahmed aly Hjam
24 ماجستير Reda Saleh Tantawy
25 Synthesis and reactions with derivatives 1.3 Penzaonzazin -4- Online Dornzolennon ماجستير Reda Mohamed Fekry Meslemany

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