About the Library

 Making scientific library beacon facilitating the most of it to members of the teaching staff and ancillary staff and students
  the letter
 To improve the quality of the service office and by providing them with the latest versions of books and scientific journals
  strategic goals
Ø dissemination of scientific culture
Ø enrich the diversity of Knowledge
Ø upgrading the electronic service
Ø increase own resources
 Math building on the third floor
  Library sections
 Books and Reference Library
Ø foreign books Hall: Mathematics and Natural and Applied Science
Ø Arabic books Hall: scientific and cultural
Ø viewed hall: equipped with seats and tables for nine 165 students
 Library periodicals and theses:
Ø scientific journals hall: It contains local and international scientific journal
Ø Theses Hall: scientific letter (MA and Ph.D.) granted by the college
Electronic library:
Equipped with modern with computers connected to the World Wide Web through a network
Supreme Council of Universities to serve the research and graduate students using databases
Global system of Egyptian Universities Libraries (future)

الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي