the goal

The basic science melting pot where various other science interacts, and the college is constantly renovating and developing educational programs to suit the needs of the labor market, and the study of basic science is the main way to get to know and study many other science in all disciplines as it is important supportive research studies in various fields of science.
You can determine the goals of the Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, are as follows:
Ø prepare graduates to a high degree of quality with high technical skills in all disciplines related to basic science and needed by the local and regional labor market.
Ø prepare graduates for mutual between scientific disciplines axes disparate attuned to the relationship between the various disciplines of Science (Chemistry Mathematics Physics), as well as applied sciences, which always need to Tjdidalmalomat skills.
Ø raise the efficiency of the faculty and staff and ways of scientific research to serve the nation the requirements and needs of the various areas of commercial and industrial life and improve the livelihoods of citizens

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