Bulletin of faculty of Sciences, Zagazig University
Sep 8 2018 8:06PM

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Aims and Scope

  • BFSZU is a peer reviewed, broad-scope and interdisciplinary journal delivering rapid decisions and fast publication of basic science.
  • The journal aims to serve the scientific community by providing an avenue for authors wishing to publish quality research in basic and applied sciences. 
  • BFSZU aims to publish articles that stimulate discussion and enrich the knowledge base of fundamentals of chemistry, botany, microbiology, zoology, geology and mathematics.
  • BFSZU consider the publications across microorganisms, plants, animals, biochemistry, biophysics and structural analysis.
  • BFSZU gives a prompt consideration to articles reporting experimental analyses and descriptive work on the different aspects of biological, geological and chemical sciences.
  • BFSZU include original articles, full research articles, methods and short commentaries.
  • BFSZU established and in pipe the technologies for different multidisciplinary applications such as drug discovery, enzymes technologies, textile industry, antibiotics production, biofuel and combustible chemicals, using the cutting-edge technological approaches. In addition, BFSZU serves in different aspects of environmental microbiology, geological aspects and computational biology for biodegradation of hazardous chemicals and pollutants. 

BFSZU is a multidisciplinary journal publishing the following topics:

  • Basic and applied research of Botany
  • Basic and applied research of Microbiology
  • Basic and applied research of Chemistry,
  • Basic and applied research of Geology
  • Basic and applied research of zoology

Peer Review Process

  • BFSZU based on the single-blind review system, after receiving the manuscript by the reviewers, they read it closely and provide individual critiques within one to two weeks.
  • The reviewer’s critiques should declare the following:
  • Validity of the science, identifying scientific errors and evaluating the design and methodology
  • Importance of the findings
  • Originality of the work based on how much it advances the field.
  • Identify missing or inaccurate references.
  • Recommending that the paper be published or rejected.

BFSZU Publications Ethics (PE) is the followings: 

  • All of authors, editors, and reviewers are aware and comply with the best practice in publication ethics. Authors are supposed to be comply the best practices in publication for example avoiding of dual submission, plagiarism, manipulation of figures, competing interest and compliance with polices on research ethics.
  • Reviewers and editors deal with all the submitted manuscripts fairly and in confidence and declaring any competing of interest.
  • In cases of suspected or alleged misconduct, the BFSZU takes the steps to correct the scientific record, which may include issuing a correction or retraction.
  • If any concerns about potential misconduct, the Editor-in-Chief take the appropriate decision about retraction, refusing or correcting the papers.


Letters of Biochemistry
Sep 8 2018 8:05PM

Biochemistry Letters is an Open Access Journal publishes the results of original research and reviews on the new mechanistic concepts and latest inventions in the fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biosciences and Biotechnology. Manuscripts may be offered as research articles, review articles.

Aims & Scope 
Subject matters include but not limited to: 
• Cellular and biochemical studies of cells, cell organelles, cellular molecular pathways, Cellular components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other biologically active molecules and metabolism 
• Synthetic biology 
• Functions and dynamics of metabolic pathways
• Applied biochemistry
• Bioenergetics, biochemical mechanisms 
• Industrial applications of biochemistry

The journal encourages research scientists, faculty, and students who are actively involved in scientific research and/or teaching at all levels, to submit their articles for intensive peer-reviewing and expedite publishing. Individuals from small and non-research oriented institutions are especially encouraged to submit their original articles for publication consideration.

Submit manuscript at dr_fzahran@yahoo.com

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