Self-resources development plan

Due to the vision represented the state in the Ministry of Higher Education for the modernization and development of university education and scientific research through the introduction of new technologies and devices are expensive, there was a need to encourage universities to develop and expand the own resources own so you can buy a particular aspect of scientific instruments and modern teaching aids. Thus, the self-maximizing resources indispensable need and cared Faculty of Science, University of Zagazig this subject since the eighties of the last century through the students' arrivals and with the accident of evolution in this topic considered college work of an elaborate plan for the development of own resources

The role of the community service sector and Environmental Development

Know the environment as a space in which they live and they affect the upper crust of the Earth's surface and surroundings of air or water, the mismatch the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, whether of vegetable or animal source. State and realized the importance of preserving the environment has established a Ministry of Environment as well as the device for Environmental Affairs in all governorates of the Republic, as well as to preserve the environment and its components from the air, water and food and to keep the soil in order to reduce environmental pollution and diseases resulting from it.
And from the keenness of the Ministry of Higher Education on the role of the university in community service and development environment, established universities AGENCY each college for Community Service and Environmental Development, which established the Faculty of Science, University of Zagazig on 24/05/1997 m, and accordingly established by the Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University on 7 / 3/2010 m to care about solving the problems surrounding community and to serve as a link between the college and the surrounding community

الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي