Crisis and Disaster Management

Crises and disasters, security and safety management
 Given the urgency of the unity of the need and the Committee enabled to crises and disasters, security and safety, it had to Egyptian universities create this unity colleges in the light of the Ministry of Higher Education system overall development of universities instructions including crises and disasters resistance as well as the comprehensive guarantee for security and safety factor of college. And the establishment of a unit to crises and disasters, security and safety necessity to resist fire, God forbid, contamination of drinking water the college community, to ensure the security of gas stoves, laboratories and ensure comprehensive implementation of safety and security measures .. therefore it sought the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagazig administration under the auspices of Prof. President of the University, and Prof. Vice President for Environmental Affairs and under the supervision of Prof. / Dean of the College and Prof. Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs to develop a system to counter these crises and ensure a coordinated response and confrontation and work processes are serious to prevent such disasters and times and mitigation, if any ..

الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي