Conditions of Registration

Academic year and dates of enrollment
The study at the Faculty of Science credit hours system divides the academic year into two semesters: autumn and spring as follows:
1. The first semester starts from the third week of the month of September for a period of 16 weeks
2. The second semester starts from the third week of February for a period of 16 weeks.
3. the summer semester starts from the first week of July for a period of eight weeks, according to the dates proposed by the Faculty Council.
4. Applications for enrollment under diplomas and Pre-Masters or Pre-PhD (not yet) in the majors and the people to be determined by the District Councils annually during the month of August and announce the result of acceptance during the month of September after the completion of all documents and payment of fees does.
5. Requests for registration for a master's degree and doctorate of philosophy of science at such times as determined by the Faculty Council and approved by the University Council.
6. The acceptance of foreign students enrollment requests during the academic year, in principle, as a prelude to take the necessary steps to register, according to the decision of the University Council in this regard procedures.
Conditions for registration or registration and amendment
1. Students get a minimum degree requirements and regulations set forth by Rules and Procedures of the College.
2. obtaining the approval of the department concerned and the Committee of the Board of Graduate Studies and Research faculty.
3. Complete all required documents from the Graduate Management and tuition reimbursement. No refunds of tuition fees in any way after the approval of the competent authorities on the university enrollment or registration.
4. obtaining the approval of the employer on a student studying in the advanced class if it was working or recognition that does not work.
5. requires the student should not be restricted to graduate studies at any other university.
6. A student registration in the first or second semester of the decisions adopted up her watch to a minimum of 6 hours and 12 hours maximum. The student can Date in the summer semester in decisions not to exceed their clocks approved for 6 hours.
7. Section Council may add other conditions deemed necessary for the admission of new students and determine the number of students admitted by available resources department and accepted by the College Board.
8. A student may change courses switch or by deletion or addition within two weeks from the start of the study after the approval of Supreme Leader academic (Academic Coordinator for graduate students each department), and solve the main supervisor replaced mentor for academic student in the state of progress of the recording to study the MSc or PhD in science.
9. A student may withdraw from the scheduled within 8 weeks of the start of the study or 4 weeks of the summer semester.
10. Students may be reproduced in any decision he fails the registration and re-scheduled study and examination.

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