Regulations tuition

List (system of credit hours) for undergraduate students at the Faculty of Science, Zagazig University
Required for admission to college to get a high school (scientific people) or equivalent and be a presentation by the Coordination Office in the light of the needs of the college.
The study followed the system in the Faculty of Science, University of Zagazig is a system of credit hours (Credit Hours System) as part of the semester - a period of study the college four years over eight semesters at least - study in English ..
Ø This regulation will apply to new students for the academic year 2015/2016 students can previous list "2010" conversion to a distinct new programs) and number 9 program) after the required equation.
Ø The College Council may accept students with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Zagazig or from other public universities and want to have a Bachelor of Science degree in another discipline and according to the specific charges by the Supreme Council of Universities and after the offset of the decisions that have been studied in the previous specialization with the decisions of the new specialization to be Alathak him that at least a period of study for two semesters.
Ø for the Division of Mathematics contain regulations on two new programs: the computer - physics and physics vital - Computer Science - Chemistry and Computer Science Physics. In addition to the previous programs after the change of scientific content: Mathematics - Mathematics and Statistics -raaziat and Computer Science -raaziat and Physics - Physics - Physics and Chemistry - Chemistry.
Ø for the Division of Science Vthtoy Regulations on two new programs: geology of oil and water - Chemistry and Computer Science - aquaculture - Environmental - Biotechnology Science. In addition to the previous programs after the change of scientific content: Chemistry - Biochemistry - Chemistry and Biochemistry - plant -makrubiologi- plant and -makrubiologi Chemistry and Chemistry - Zoology - Entomology - animal and Chemistry - insects and Chemistry - Geology - Giovesiae- geology and chemistry.

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