Academic Advising guide


My sons and my daughters dear students of the Faculty of Science
Greet and congratulate the attack fragrant with the beginning of the new academic year and hello to the home away from home - Faculty of Science - Zagazig University - one of the finest and most prestigious educational institutions in our beloved Egypt.
 My sons and my daughters dear you know very well that education is a real investment and most importantly for the progress of nations, and build civilizations Education is built and personal styling of the human soul, and this is more important than the construction of factories, because the human element is the innovative and creative energy because it requires patience, perseverance and return is indirectly but definitely invest the content can not be let down its owner.
I am pleased that I advise you to work and diligence to collect useful knowledge which elevates you alone you are our hope for a bright future and I command active in various student activities of various kinds to participate, they hone personal and foster creativity, innovation and disseminate the spirit of cooperation, love and tolerance so that we are the sons loyal to this country contribute to raising it to the status befitting with it.
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
D / Mohamed Fouad Iraqi

الميثاق الأخلاقي للطالب الجامعي