Social Solidarity Fund

Work for student support from the Solidarity Fund according to the following mechanism in accordance with the list of university Takaful Fund.
First: the formation of the Governing Council of the Social Solidarity Fund of the college Gentlemen:
Mr. D / Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. A / Director General of Youth Welfare Treasurer
Mr. D / Social Commission Adviser Member
Professor Social worker (each band separately) Member
Amin student social committee member of the Union for students
Through the Board of the Fund is determined by the amount of money and display Almizanaho available and allocated to the separation of the first semester and the second to know about the target amount for each band of the school teams.
Second: The Youth Welfare Office to announce received requests for financial aid from the Solidarity for all teams tuition fund.
Letters of exchange units Social Affairs of the place of establishment of the student begins to make a social search him.
The student or the student to the Youth Welfare Office of the following documents:
1. social search and social affairs unit.
2. The image of the father of a family card.
3. continued vocabulary salary (source of income) or pension statement.
4. A copy of the death certificate in the case of the death of a parent.
5. Find the seal of Student Affairs to prove the student's enrollment in the college.
Third, it is examined requests from the committee previously, which you specify the amounts and priorities of the exchange as follows:
1. Deaths simple and pension (taking into account the number of family members).
2. cases of social security pension.
3. The cases of the pension and the wife does not work.
4. entrepreneurship cases, remuneration is fixed.
5. cases of the employee and the value of income.
· Note: The following is respected in all cases:
a. number of family members.
B. Number of people in various stages of education.
C. Any other conditions for students.

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